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Duncan McRae House


Although Georgia is not as popular as Florida for retirement, it still has much to offer seniors looking for assisted living, independent living, and other senior living options. There are many reasons for Georgia ‘s popularity as a retirement home. The relatively moderate temperatures and high humidity are easy on older bodies. The lack of snow also makes it easy to drive year-round. Although the traffic is extremely bad in denser areas like Atlanta, many seniors can simply avoid the peak traffic times and still get access to the entire state with little or no hassle. Duncan McRae House in Mt. Vernon Ga. Is ideal for an assisted living solution.

From Peachtree city to Inman Park part, there is a growing trend around Georgia for pedestrian and hiking trails. Since walking is one of the most popular senior athletic activities, there are a variety of neighborhoods that are designed for seniors. Georgia also has an abundance of both public and private golf courses. Golf continues to be one of the best zero impact athletic activities for seniors. Another big selling point for Georgia is access to the arts and entertainment. Georgia has several successful athletic teams and top-of-the-line athletic complexes that make it an excellent place to view a sporting event. Most of the larger cities also have a historic district. This is excellent for our shopping, relaxing and finding a good bite to eat. All these activities make Georgia an attractive place for seniors searching for independent living and retirement facilities.

The Georgia office of regulatory services conducts annual inspections of assisted living facilities and makes them available online at ww2.state.ga.us/ departments/dhr/ors. You may contact your Georgia Ombudsman for help with an assisted living facility service issues.

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