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Duncan McRae House


Studies have shown that music therapy can help those who suffer from dementia. In fact, listening to music can also assist anyone who suffers from such maladies as cancer or chronic pain. Music therapy might take the form of listening to music, or performing sessions crafted by music therapists. Caregivers and family members can also connect with loved ones through the art of music, whether it is done through playing music, singing, or dancing. The words from a traditional German tune are relevant particularly to families who have a relative that suffers from Alzheimer’s: "All things shall perish from the sky- music alone shall live, never to die." Alicia Clair, the director of music education and music therapy at the University of Kansas, states that "music can help lower stress for people with Alzheimer’s." Having studied this discipline for four decades, Clair has a specialty in older patients with dementia and veterans that have suffered from traumatic brain injuries. So if you have a loved one that has dementia, reconnect with them through the gift of music!

Come visit The Duncan McRae House assisted living facility in Mt. Vernon, Georgia sometime! You’ll love it here!

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