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Once a resident has conducted the research and has chosen an assisted living facility such as The Duncan Mcrae House, the next step is for the resident to prepare for the move. Moving is a stressful process in any situation, but often times a senior is moving from an independent living situation into an assisted living facility. This major change in lifestyle can bring additional anxiety. However, the process can be made easier by preparing for the move in advance and mentally preparing the resident for the upcoming changes.

Overcoming the Initial Fear of the Move
Although the resident may be excited about moving into a facility that offers the reassurance of 24-hour monitoring along with the social interaction and potential new friends living at the facility, there will undoubtedly be some initial fear. This anxiety is normal, the resident will worry if they will still have the same freedom they are used to, if they will see their family and friends as much as before, if they will adapt and thrive in a new facility.
This fear is normal for anyone who is moving into a new place of living but especially for seniors as they experience a move into an assisted living facility. This initial fear can be overcome by familiarity. Getting familiar with the facility, the staff, the residents and adapting to the new way of life. Anxiety can and will be overcome as the resident assimilates into their new daily living routine. This is also why the initial assisted living home selection process is important. The more information that can be learned about the facility and the atmosphere the better in making the move a smooth transition. Residents have their own personal space and freedom in an assisted living facility, so daily living is not as impacted as compared to say, moving into a nursing home.

Personal Privacy
A lot of senior citizens are concerned about their privacy in a small facility filled with people. Assisted living facilities are set up to allow for maximum privacy for residents but also a friendly social atmosphere is available. Most assisted living facilities have large dining areas and great rooms for socializing and for activities, but the resident will have privacy in their room or apartment. So, while staff assistance and social interaction is available, personal privacy is still very much available in the resident’s living space. Some assisted living facilities might have 2 residents to a room, while others offer private rooms or living spaces. This is obviously an important thing to consider, does the resident want a private room or is a roommate an option?

Moving into the facility is going to be a similar process to moving into a new home or apartment. The resident can furnish their new living space with personal possessions. With any upcoming move, it always makes the process easier to prepare in advance. Furnishing the new living space with personal possessions helps reduce the unfamiliarity of the new living environment.

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