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You want to ensure your loved one’s safety and aid their independence. This is why you trust their care to the compassionate and experienced staff of Duncan McRae House assisted living facility. But, why stop there? When looking for ways to help your loved one, ensure their safety, and ease their frustration, consider some of the following kitchen gadgets.

Food Serving and Preparation Gadgets

Jar and Can Openers: Opening cans and jars can lead to frustration for anyone, not just seniors in assisted living communities. Look for simple solutions like electric can openers or one-handed jar openers.

Prep and Cutting Boards: Non-slip prep boards and cutting boards that are designed to hold bowls and food in place to make food preparation easier and safer.

Electric Kettle: A traditional kettle has various associated risks. Avoid this by investing in an electric tea kettle. Electric kettles are easier to handle and reduce the risk of burning.

Mixing Bowls: The right mixing bowls will increase your loved one’s independence in the kitchen. Heavier bowls with rubber rings and clamps are designed for increased stability.

Timers: Why leave anything to chance? Invest in large or oversized timers that are easy to use and easy to read.

Alarms: Your ultimate goal is to increase the safety of your loved one’s kitchen. Make sure their assisted living home has a smoke alarm with working batteries.

Eating and Dining Tools

Cutlery and Silverware: If your loved one suffers from arthritis or impaired strength, look for utensils and cutlery with ergonomic designs and curved handles. These specially designed tools can make eating and food preparation easier and safer in assisted living.

Glasses and Mugs: Specially designed glasses can help make drinking easier. Handles, curved rims, and glasses on pedestals are just a few designs aimed at aiding seniors.

Plates and Bowl: A simple redesign of a plate or bowl can help ease your loved one’s frustrations and restore at least some of their independence. Look for plates with curved rims or built in partitions. In addition, sturdy plates and bowls reduce spillage and keep food warmer longer.

Trays and Trolleys: A well-designed tray will help your loved one easily transport food from one side of their assisted living home to another. Trays that attach to a walker or ones with large oversized handles are a couple of good options.

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