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Duncan McRae House

Moving a loved one into The Duncan McRae House in Mt Vernon Ga does not mean that you have to lose your connection with them. Assisted living facilities can actually provide a source for your loved one to make new connections with staff and residents while also further developing their relationship with you.

Just a Phone Call Away

A simple phone call is a great way to keep you connected. Assure your loved one that you can be reached for any emergency or to chat just
like you did when they lived independently.

Listen to Music Together

A great way to make a connection with your loved one in assisted living is by listening to a favorite song or artist that you both share. Music
is therapeutic and will help your loved one reconnect with old memories they may want to share with you.

Come for a meal

You can dine with your loved one in our assisted living dining area. Another option is to bring your loved one’s favorite meal when you visit.
Family meal times are important for all ages and will help keep the family connection alive.

Participate in Activities

Families are encouraged to visit in our assisted living home and join in on daily activities. Not up for that? Bring your own game or book that
you can enjoy with your loved one.

Items From Home

You can make your loved one’s new living area in their assisted living home personalized and connected to your family. Bring a special piece of
pottery, a work of art, your children’s craft projects or a family heirloom to decorate their room. Bring pictures of past family events and important pastimes from your loved one’s history. This will prompt conversation and renew memories while also keeping them connected to your

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