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Studies have shown that music therapy can help those who suffer from dementia. In fact, listening to music can also assist anyone who suffers from such maladies as cancer or chronic pain. Music therapy might take the form of listening to music, or performing sessions crafted by music therapists. Caregivers and family members can also […]

Learn how seniors stay safe in the cold winter months by following tips on elderly care and the cold from The Duncan McRae House Assisted Living Facility in Mt. Vernon, Georgia. In areas such as South Georgia, where a true freeze is rare, seniors need extra help to survive the cold snap. Caregivers aid seniors […]

You probably know about guide dogs – also called seeing-eye dogs, but do you know about animal-assisted therapy, or pet therapy? While guide dogs are trained to lead blind or visually impaired people around obstacles throughout their daily activities, several other animals may be involved in pet therapy with various goals. A relatively new field […]

Protecting your parent from financial elder abuse is an important parent care responsibility. This type of abuse robs your parent of her money. and her freedom because money equals choice when it comes to elder care services. Financial elder abuse is defined as a person taking an elder’s money or property for his/her own needs. […]

Statistics show that people are living longer and longer. The age that people live to has grown dramatically in the past 20 years. Because people are living longer there is usually greater need for assistance as we age. In the majority of households the assistance that seniors receive usually comes from their children. In many […]

You want to ensure your loved one’s safety and aid their independence. This is why you trust their care to the compassionate and experienced staff of Duncan McRae House assisted living facility. But, why stop there? When looking for ways to help your loved one, ensure their safety, and ease their frustration, consider some of […]

Moving a loved one into The Duncan McRae House in Mt Vernon Ga does not mean that you have to lose your connection with them. Assisted living facilities can actually provide a source for your loved one to make new connections with staff and residents while also further developing their relationship with you. Just a […]

During the holidays, many families are full of excitement and expectations. But for some elderly family members, the holidays can be a time of sadness. Memories of loved ones no longer with us or past holidays when they were perhaps at a more enjoyable place in their lives can take the joy out of the […]