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In the 21st century, the number of assisted living homes being built is on the rise. This is a really good thing because every year, as more and more baby boomers retire; the need for this kind of intermediate care facility is growing.

It used to be that the only care option when you retired was retirement home. These were also called nursing homes.

Those days are behind us now and today’s nursing homes are a much different type of place. Full of people who are very dedicated to caring for the senior population. That is fabulous improvement.

Another improvement has been the establishment of other types of retirement communities besides nursing homes. There are active adult communities where all the people who live there are very active and spend a lot of time playing golf or swimming or otherwise living very active lives.

And in the middle between the round the clock kind of care in a nursing home and one of the senior retirement communities are the assisted living homes and communities for seniors. These places are for people who just need a little help with the things they need to do during the day.

According to some sources, the residents of assisted living facilities need help with an average of 3 activities of daily living during the day. These might include things like help getting washed and dressed in the morning, or having meals prepared, getting assistance with cleaning the house or even having medications administered.

Nothing too serious, just a little help with getting some important things taken care of. Usually the assisted living homes have residents that are a little bit older than the average baby boomer, but this is not a rule by any stretch of the imagination.

If you or your loved ones are baby boomers, age 55 or so, and need some help with the daily morning routine, washing up, and getting dressed for the day, but don’t really need constant supervision, then it could very well be that living in an assisted living home might suit you perfectly.

Take a couple of minutes to arrange a visit with us at the Duncan McRae House in Mount Vernon Georgia to find out more about assisted living. It may prove to be the ideal sort of residential arrangement.

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